Peer Reviewers

Reviewing for Atlantis Journal

As a scholarly journal, Atlantis follows an anonymized peer review process for all research papers.

We maintain a roster of available peer reviewers from a wide range of fields related to Women's and Gender Studies.

We invite scholars to join our roster of reviewers at any time. Please read details about our review process below and send inquires to

In your email, please include:

1. Keywords (5-10) to describe your fields of research and experience.

2. A list of recent publications, works-in-progress and/or community-based projects related to your keywords.

Review Process and Guidelines

Reviewers are contacted no more than once per year and have the option to accept or decline the requested review.

Reviews structured to maintain consistency and fairness. We request that reviewers answer the following questions regarding the paper under consideration:

1. Originality/Contribution: Is the submission original? What is its contribution to the field?

2. Argument: Does the submission build a strong, well-supported and well-articulated argument? Does it have a sharp and easy-to-discern focus?

3. Structure/Organization: Is the organization and sequencing of sections effective and internally coherent? Is its conceptual framework explicit? Does it achieve its stated aims?

4. Use of Sources and Methodology: Is the literature consulted relevant and up-to-date? If relevant, is the methodology clearly laid out and justified? Are the submission’s sources used effectively?

5. Writing: Comment on the quality of writing and style.

6. Additional comments. Please use this space for any additional comments not covered above.

7. Comments to editor only. Please use this space for comments intended only for the editor.

Reviewers are usually asked to submit comments within 3 weeks of receiving the paper.