The Alt-right's Discourse on "Cultural Marxism": A Political Instrument of Intersectional Hate


  • Tanner Mirrlees


alt-right, conspiracy theory, cultural Marxism, hegemony, ideology, populism, right-wing extremism, Trump effect, white supremacy


This article analyzes the history, production, circulation, and political uses of the alt-right’s discourse about cultural Marxism in the context of the right-wing populist Trump presidency, the rise of fascist movements in the United States and worldwide, and the politics of intersectional hate.



Cet article analyse l’histoire, la production, la circulation et les utilisations politiques du discours de la droite alternative sur le marxisme culturel dans le contexte de la présidence populiste de droite de Donald Trump, de la montée des mouvements fascistes aux États-Unis et dans le monde entier et de la politique de haine intersectionnelle.


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Author Biography

Tanner Mirrlees

Dr. Tanner Mirrlees is an Associate Professor in the Communication and Digital Media Studies program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). His research examines the geopolitics, economics, and ideologies of communications media and popular culture. He is the author of Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization (Routledge, 2013) and Hearts and Mines: The U.S. Empire’s Culture Industry (University of British Columbia Press, 2016) and is co-editor of The Television Reader: Critical Perspectives in Canadian and US Television Studios (Oxford University Press, 2013). Mirrlees is currently researching the nexus of right-wing extremist movements and social media platforms.


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39.1 Special Section: The Intersectionality of Hate